Sale Policy

If you are interested in purchasing a kid from us you can contact me by email at or through our Facebook page.

Please include in the email your:

- First and last name

- State you live in

- Brief background on your experience owning goats. Do you currently own any?

- What you are looking for (pets, backyard milker, show quality, etc.)

- Do you participate in any ADGA performance programs or show?

If under 18, are you an active 4-H member?

Requirements for purchasing from us

  • You must have other goats if you are only buying one.​

  • They need a securely fenced area with 24-7 access to a draft-free, dry shelter, fresh hay, and clean water.​

  • I highly recommend quarantining any new goat you bring onto your property (regardless of who or where you purchase it from) for a minimum of 4 weeks. Moving to a new home and a new herd is stressful for everyone and different herds harbor different microbial populations. Stress taxes the immune system and just like humans goats are susceptible to getting colds. Its best to give their immune system time to recover and to provide yourself with ample time to evaluate that animal for signs of illness or disease that may not have been present at the time of purchase. It is also good practice to run a fecal before putting a new goat in with your herd. All goats carry some internal parasites. Individual parasite load can increase significantly during a move due to stress.

All kids come:

  • ADGA registered and tattooed (does not include wethers and pet quality does).​

  • With a copy of our current disease test results for the entire herd. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT PURCHASING FROM HERDS THAT REFUSE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH COPIES OF THEIR DISEASE TEST RESULTS. There are ZERO legitimate reasons to deny a buyer this critical information on the health status of ones herd. If someone does refuse, that is a big red flag.

  • Fully weaned (unless leaving early on a bottle).​

  • With the nipple they are used to, if they are leaving as a bottle kid.​

  • Vaccinated for CD&T (Dam is vaccinated 4 weeks prior to kidding, then kids are boostered at 5 weeks of age and again at 8 weeks. Vaccination should be done annually thereafter.)​

  • Disbudded​​​

  • Banded (if a pet wether)

  • With their hooves freshly trimmed. If you would like me to show you how to trim hooves at pickup let me know in advance and I will wait to do it when you are there. Otherwise they'll have already been done in the days/week before.​

  • With support for the life of the animal. I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I am happy to point you in the right direction and help out where I can.

Health Status and Health Guarantee

We cannot guarantee the health or safety of an animal once it has left our property, but do guarantee that to the best of our knowledge they are in good health at time of pickup. A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) can be obtained at the buyers expense. This is typically required for interstate travel.

We are committed to keeping our goats free of contagious diseases and have strict biosecurity practices in place to help eliminate the risk of bringing diseases into our herd. We have never had a case of CAE, Johnes, or CL. See our current disease test results and read about our biosecurity practices here.

Kid Reservations and Payment

Making a reservation is free! Once the kid is born, if offered to you, a 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid that day in order for us to hold the kid for you. The remaining balance must be paid before the animal leaves the property. I accept cash at time of pickup or PayPal (sent as friends and family only).


We will ship via ground-transport only. It is the buyers responsibility to find and arrange transport. I can recommend Facebook groups for locating transport if you need. I will need to be put in touch with the transporter as well prior to them coming for the animal so that I can coordinate meeting them.

Refunds and Returns

For biosecurity reasons we will not accept goats back onto the property once they have left. If a goat we bred and sold you is found to have a serious defect we will offer you a replacement kid of equal value. Serious defects include hermaphrodites/freemartins and teat spurs. Registration papers must be returned to us before we will offer a replacement and we will require a copy of a veterinary evaluation confirming the defect is present. If we don't have any kids available at that time, a credit for next year will be offered.