Photos 3 and 4 courtesy of Dawnland Farm


DOB:  06/03/2013

Height:  -

LA:  -

COI:  24%

SIRE:  Poppy Patch RC Jiminy Cricket

SS:  Twin Creeks Rebel W/O A Cause ++*B

SD:  CH Poppy Patch FM Betty Boop

DAM:  CH Poppy Patch FM Dutchess

DS:  Ponders End The Full Monty

DD:  CH Poppy Patch RC Poppy Seed


Roy has been described by his previous owner, Laura Whitlock, as a "once-in-a-lifetime quality buck" that is "able to leave the good alone and improve on the rest (the sign of a great buck!)." He is equally linebred on both his grandsires -- Twin Creeks Rebel W/O A Cause ++*B (ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch *++S ++B  x  MCH/GCH Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 3*D 1*M EEEE 92), and Ponders End The Full Monty. Monty's sire, Bravado, is Baywatch's paternal half brother and Monty himself is the sire of both Betty Boop and Dutchess. See Roy's extended pedigree at the bottom of this page.

Roy's dam, Dutchess, and her dam, Poppy Seed, were the strongest milk producing line to come from the Poppy Patch herd. Dutchess produced 3.5 to 4 quarts (not lbs) per day at peak during her 3rd freshening in 2011 after kidding with sextuplets that year! According to the Poppy Patch website, her production returned to her more normal level of 2.5 to 3 quarts per day the following year and her udder held up beautifully despite the large volume increase the year prior.


Dutchess' dam, Poppy Seed, averaged an impressive 3 quarts per day herself during lactation. She was described by Poppy Patch Farm as "having excellent capacity, strong medial, height, and a perfectly smooth fore... [and] an udder that collapses down to nothing." She was also productive in the show ring with 5 Grand Champion wins and 1 Best Udder. Like Roy's sire, Jiminy, Poppy Seed is also out of Rebel W/O A Cause. 

Roy's paternal granddam, Betty Boop, was "very correct overall" with an udder that was "completely glued on all over" according to the Poppy Patch website. Further more, "she [had] one of the most level toplines around and excellent feet and legs tracking strait in the front and having very tight toes which is something Nigerians often need improvement with." She went Grand Champion 3 times, 2 Reserve, 1 Best of Breed and 1 Best Udder of Breed.

Three of our six foundation does are Roy's daughters: Isadora, Chocolatina, and Vervain. We are hoping to retain a son out of him in the next couple of years before his fertility declines.


Dawnland RR Isadora

Dawnland RR Candace

Dawnland RR Chocolatina

Dawnland RR Vervain

Old Province RR Umi

Old Province RR Moon of Pearl

royalrebel R1 dam (dutchess) (2).jpg
royalrebel R1 dam (dutchess) (5).jpg
royalrebel R1 dam (dutchess) (6).jpg
royalrebel R1 dam (dutchess) (4).jpg
royalrebel R1 dam (dutchess) (1).jpg

Photos courtesy of Poppy Patch Farm

DAM:  CH Poppy Patch FM Dutchess

LA:  -

royalrebel R2 damsdam (poppy seed) (4).j
royalrebel R2 damsdam (poppy seed) (5).j

Photos courtesy of Poppy Patch Farm

DAM'S DAM:  CH Poppy Patch RC Poppy Seed

LA:  -

royalrebel R2 siresdam (betty boop) (4).
royalrebel R2 siresdam (betty boop) (5).

Photos courtesy of Poppy Patch Farm

SIRE'S DAM:  CH Poppy Patch FM Betty Boop

LA:  -

royalrebel R2 siresfullsib (notquiteanan
royalrebel R2 siresfullsib (notquiteanan

Photos courtesy of Poppy Patch Farm

SIRE'S FULL SISTER:  CH Poppy Patch Not Quite An Angel

LA:  -

royalrebel R2 sires full sister (pocahon
royalrebel R2 sires full sister (pocahon

Photos courtesy of Poppy Patch Farm

SIRE'S FULL SISTER:  Poppy Patch RC Pocahontas

LA:  2012 @ 04-01  -  ++EV 84

LA:  2011 @ 03-00  -  +V++ 83

04-01 / ST 15 / SR 34 / DY 28 / RA 29 / RW 15

FA 34 / RH 29 / RA 24 / MS 26

Sh) A / FL) A / RL) V / - / Bk) V / Ru) A



Daughter:  Dawnland RR Isadora

LA:  -


Photos courtesy of RZ Acres

Daughter:  CH Dawnland RR Little Bee

LA:  2019 @ 03-03  -  VV+V 86

03-03 / ST 22 / SR 30 / DY 32 / RA 27 / RW 20

FA 32 / RH 30 / RA 34 / MS 22

Sh) V / FL) + / RL) V / - / Bk) V / Ru) +

royalrebel R1 daughter (whirligig) (19).

Photos courtesy of American Jewell Farm

Daughter:  Dawnland RR Whirligig

LA:  -

royalrebel R1 daughter (notawallflower)
royalrebel R1 daughter (notawallflower)

Photos courtesy of Shyon Acres

Daughter:  Dawnland RR Notawallflower

LA:  -

Loca (1).jpg
Loca (3).jpg


Daughter:  Dawnland RR Chocolatina

LA:  -

Vervie (1).jpg
Vervie (3).jpg


Daughter:  Dawnland RR Vervain

LA:  -

royalrebel R3 SSD (nonpareil) (2).jpg
royalrebel R3 SDD (felicity) (2).jpg
royalrebel R3 DDD (charity) (1).jpg

Photos courtesy of TX Twin Creeks and Poppy Patch Farm


(from left to right)

GCH Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 1*M EEEE 92

Esperanza RF Felicity

Twin Creeks Tres Colores

Esperanza ZZ Charity