Baby photo courtesy of Dawnland Farm


DOB:  06/23/2014

Height:  -

LA:  -

COI:  12%


SIRE:  Dawnland Tabby's Mohawk

SS:  Rosasharn Tom's Water Tabby ++*B

SD:  Lost Valley Checotah

DAM:  Piddlin Acres W Rosemary

DS:  MI Sugarcreek NT Sil's Winston +*B

DD:  SGCH Piddlin Acres WB Paprika 2*M EEEE 91 @11-05


Rosehip's genetics are somewhat of a blast from the past in the Nigerian world today. She is primarily linebred on Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S who, according to his owner, Lost Valley Nigerians, was "one of the most influential bucks in the history of the Nigerian breed." Kingwood produced at least 10 permanent Champions, including two National Champions, 10 *M daughters, and 7 +B sons.

Rosehip's dam, Rosemary, was one of the top two milkers in the history of the Dawnland herd, known for her long lactations in addition to heavy production. As a first freshener in 2009, she started her lactation at over 4lbs per day and only increased from there. During an extended two year lactation, she consistently produced over a quart per day on once-a-day milking in her second year! Laura has described Rosemary's udder as "butter soft with teats like faucets." Both of her granddams were also 1000+ lb milkers over standard 305-day lactations.

Rosemary's dam, Paprika, is a doe who held up beautifully with age. In her last show season, at 9-years-old and in her 9th lactation, she entered 5 rings and won 4 Grand Champions, 4 Best of Breed, 4 Best Udder of Breed, and 1 Best In Show! At 11 she appraised EEEE 91 and at 13 recieved her Superior Genetics designation. According to TX Twincreeks Farm, who purchased her as a 12-year-old, Paprika at that time still had a high and well attached udder, remained very strong on her feet and legs, and excelled in overall dairy character.

Rosehip's paternal granddam, Checotah, is the littermate sister to Lost Valley TB Seminole *S *B. Seminole was used heavily in the TX Twincreeks herd for the 3 years he was a part of it and sired at least 7 Superior Genetics does and 4 finished Champions according to ADGA records. Checotah, like her dam Sundancer, was a productive milker giving 4 to 5lbs per day on average.

Rosehip possesses a really lovely balance of both strength and dairy character. She has big bright eyes and a broad muzzle, ample width at her chest floor, excellent brisket extension, and straight, strong front legs with forward facing toes. She is uphill with well defined withers, smooth and open ribbing, and a long, flat bone pattern throughout. Rosehip has an exceptionally straight and strong back that leads to a gently sloping rump which is evenly and respectably wide. True to her Dawnland name, she has a beautiful udder with great medial division, and nice rear lateral attachments and teat placement. Her udder is soft and silky and truly milks down to nothing (see milked out photos above). The things I would most like to improve upon in her are greater extension of the foreudder and a bit of tightening up at the shoulder. Rosehip is our herd queen and a sweet, loving goofball. I call her my puppy because she always greets me with a tail wag and a smile.

In the spring of 2020 Rosehip freshened for the 4th time with twins. Due to life being hectic and my brain not being ready to learn how to use a milk machine - Rosehip's strongly preferred method - I didn't start milking her until 10 weeks fresh. I only got a glimpse of what she is capable of, nonetheless, I was impressed! She easily gave more than a quart per day with only OAD milking.


?/?/2017 - twins (D/B) sired by 

07/09/2018 - triplets (2D/1B) sired by Harley Hillside IHeart Red Ale *B

05/04/2019 - quads (2D/2B) sired by Poppy Patch JC Royal Rebel

4/24/2020 - twins (2B) sired by Dills ROR Cape Cod

4/29/2021 - single (1B) sired by Poppy Patch JC Royal Rebel


Dawnland RR Vervain

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rosehipxroy R2 damsdam (rosemary) (4).jp
rosehipxroy R2 damsdam (rosemary) (5).jp

Photos courtesy of Dawnland Farm

DAM:  Piddlin Acres W Rosemary

LA:  -


Photos courtesy of 

DAM'S DAM:  SGCH Piddlin Acres WB Paprika 2*M

LA:  2013 @ 11-05 - EEEE 91

11-05 / ST 20 / SR 29 / DY 32 / RA 29 / RW 25

FA 32 / RH 34 / RA 33 / MS 18

Sh) + / FL) E / RL) + / - / Bk) E / Ru) +

rosehip R2 siresdam (checotah).jpg
rosehip R2 siresdam (checotah) (5).jpg

Photos courtesy of Dawnland Farm

SIRE'S DAM:  Lost Valley Checotah

LA:  -

rosehip R2 sirefullsib (sundari) (4).jpg
rosehip R2 sirefullsib (sundari) (1).jpg

Photos courtesy of Kyeema Ridge

SIRE'S FULL SISTER:  Dawnland Tabby's Sundari

LA:  2015 @ 04-04 - EEVV 90

04-04 / ST 22 / SR 26 / DY 34 / RA 29 / RW 27

FA 30 / RH 37 / RA 30 / MS 30

Sh) E / FL) E / RL) E / - / Bk) E / Ru) V

rosehip R2 sirefull sis (seneca).jpg
rosehip R2 sirefull sis (seneca) (2).jpg

Photos courtesy of Dawnland Farm

SIRE'S FULL SISTER:  Dawnland Tabby's Seneca

LA:  -

rosehip R1 daughter (lupine lady) (9).jp

Photos courtesy of American Jewell Farm

DAUGHTER:  Dawnland HHR Lupine Lady

LA:  -

Vervie (1).jpg
Vervie (3).jpg


DAUGHTER:  Dawnland RR Vervain

LA:  -

rosehip R3 SSD (water lilly).jpg
rosehip R3 SDD (lv sundancer).jpg

Photos courtesy of Rosasharn Farm and Lost Valley


(from left to right)

ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly 2*D 1*M "VG"

ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Sundancer 2*D 1*M "E"

ARMCH Sugar Creek's SS Silhouette 6*D 1*M "E" VEEE 90

Piddlin Acres Pandora's Box 2*D 1*M AR "VG"